What makes this Photobooth different from other photobooths?
How do we get the booth into the event?
What are the dimensions of the booth?
Does the Photobooth allow wheelchair access?
Where inside the event should we position the Photobooth?
Do you charge extra for setting up and dismantling the Photobooth?
How far do you travel?
Can we bring our own guestbook?
Is the Guestbook completed on the night?
What colour is the Guestbook available in?
Can we choose color or black & white prints?
What size prints does the Photobooth make?
How many photos are included in the price?
Other than the booth, what else can I get?
Can you provide a copy of the images taken at our event on computer disk?
Can props be supplied by Rentabooth to add to the fun?
How much is the deposit to reserve my date?
When is the final payment due?
Is your electronic equipment safety checked?
If your question is not here, then please contact us and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.